Training & Development

Investing in your employees shows that you value them and opens communication gateways. It also increases morale, longevity, and reduces turnover. Putting time into employee development is a crucial step in the overall development of any company or business. Our professional training services will enable your organization to optimize the skills, knowledge, and abilities of its workforce. This service aims to facilitate the development of potential employees with the approach of tailor made training. We deliver a wide range of training courses, including public training, in-house training, outbound, and professional coaching.

Training and development programs that we offer include:
Public Training
Namely training programs and workshops for students, the public and employees, which are held publicly. The location, the minimum number of participants and the time specified by the HR Prime Solution.
In House Training
Namely training programs and workshops that are held in a company with common modules HR Prime Solution, provided the location, time and number of participants is determined by the company.
Customized Training Program
Namely the identification and analysis of employee training needs, designing curriculum and comprehensive training plan as well. Deliver training modules through in-house training sessions or through a train-the-trainer workshop.